What is seedbox? Know more about seedbox

So, guys, most of you would be using torrents to transfer data? off-course that’s why you are here.

What is Seedbox?

what is seedbox

So let me tell you about seedbox is pretty theoretical way, Seedbox is a torrent client like (uTorrent) based on a high-speed server with access to it via Webb from which after downloading file on seedbox you can download that file anytime anywhere given that you have the internet connection.
Understood ??? Nah ?? Let me do it again, Like you guys have utorrent or any other client on your PC there is a server to which you can access via SSH, FTP or even Remote Control where you can add torrent, remove and have all other functionalities like you have on PC based Client and you can download files from seedbox.

Now you would be wondering why in the hell you need a web server when you can have the torrent client on PC.
So what are things seedbox consists

  • High Speed Server ( 100MBPS minimum network )
  • The server is online 24/7 to seed your torrent
  • User-Friendly Clients ( Most are )
  • High Bandwidth( Depends on your plan )
  • Most Providers will also provide VPN
  • You can Stream from seedbox directly

Here comes tricky part, I would tell honestly that not all users need seedbox but using it is even necessary for some and it also a luxury for some.

Why use seedbox?

why use seedbox


So here are the points which make seedbox a necessity for some

  • ISP banning or monitoring P2P traffic
  • Low-speed network
  • High Electricity Rate
  • Private Torrent Website Users
  • P2P Ban where you work or study
  • Network with limited bandwidth

So Now

ISP Banning is biggest problem at the moment in some countries as piracy is termed as a crime, still lets assume you want to download movies, music but you can’t with fear of ISP or lets assume your ISP has directly banned P2P network here seedbox comes into the play as you can download any Torrent you want on seedbox and then download it from your web server via FTP, SFTP or even HTTP.

Private Torrent Website users know that you need to seed a good amount of data and which can lead to keeping your pc on for 24/7 also which can make your lifestyle expensive and when you have the low-Speed network and you have to seed that’s where seedbox is useful.

So you can see all points are pretty much interconnected so it literally depends on you and your conditions in which you use P2P also how you use P2P which makes you liable of thinking to decide you need seedbox or not.

Benefits of using Seedbox

  • Keep up the ratio on private torrent website
  • Rest your PC as seedbox will be seeding 24/7
  • Save your bandwidth
  • Stream directly without downloading
  • Download contents even if your ISP has banned P2P
  • Automation
  • and many more 😀

In Next post I will explaining more about why you want to use seedbox ?